Siamo lieti di offrire una eccezionale opportunità di formazione ai giovani che credono nel futuro della globalizzazione e dell'internazionalizzazione.
Investiamo il nostro tempo e le nostre energie per formare giovani risorse e insegnare loro a usare le proprie capacità per sostenere il nostro progetto. Noi crediamo nel futuro della International Trading, nello sviluppo dei nuovi marchi e dei nuovi prodotti, nella ricerca, sempre con una particolare attenzione alla qualità. Crediamo nel potere del web e, naturalmente, crediamo fortemente nella Cina. La creatività è la parola chiave della nostra famiglia, anzi siamo una grande famiglia internazionale e chi è disposto a unirsi al gruppo CHINA-WI, anche solo per qualche settimana, entrerà a far parte di questa famiglia.
  • My first impact at China-Wi has been significant for my personal growth, either for my graduation, and afterwards for my job career.This opportunity has allowed me to prepare my degree thesis through a tangible experience about economic and managerial knowledge, acquired during my university studies. Moreover, the “on the job” experience gave me the opportunity to improve my know-how, focusing my attention especially on trade marketing and international trade flows. The current economic scenario, merely based on worldwide trade, gave more importance to the intrinsic value of this experience, putting me in contact with this commercial reality day by day.In the end, the fieldwork inside China-Wi gave me the possibility to show part of my potential thanks to the large investment on young human resources by the company; Since then, in fact, I’m growing in this company, following the natural educational path of my studies, in a highly dynamic and competitive place as Worldwide Trade Market.China-Wi was my Winning idea.
    Marco Ottocento
    stage 2014-2015
  • Work in China for a Trading Company based in Shanghai is exactly what i didn't expected to doafter my graduation. I’m graduated in Philosophy and the world of International Trading is quitedifferent from my cultural formation, but this was not a stabling block for apply as an intern inChina-Wi.I’m really glad to China-Wi for giving me this opportunity to rediscover myself. The atmospherethat you breath while working in this multicultural team it’s full with positivity and determination, the“big family behave” contributes to insert oneself in the team without any difficulties, in line to havethe best Far East working experience.I had the occasion to enter deeply into the Trading activities, from the making of Q.C. directly intoManufactures, to work even to personal projects. Into China-Wi age is just a number, dedicationand diligence are well awarded in everyone, and if you have an idea or an intuition the companyclimate puts oneself in the condition to display and develop his ideas.I’m a 21 years old making my first steps in the working world, full with all the anxiety and thenatural fears of the future as every young man embarking on life.Talking essentially in a personal manner, i could assert that this working-life experience gave methe chance to rise to the occasion, but above all i get the possibility to begin building the selfconfidence and the self awareness necessary to start my life as an adult.I think this is the most significant aspect of an internship, the core is not into the mere workingexperience, it’s not into learning how to do a job (relevant as well, of course), the hearth of why ayoung man embarking on life has to do an internship is contained in the chance to find out whatyou are, to find out what you can do, to build yourself as an aware young adult. AndChina-Wiit’s the best place to start working to yourself.
  • I arrived in Shanghai on August 11th 2013 and I have started my job experience the day after. The First day Roberto Del Monaco, the CEO of China-Wi, took me to China-Wi office situated in the Room701 of CTS Tower in ChangShou Road in Putuo District of Shanghai. On Monday meeting I have made the knowledge of those would have been my colleagues in the following two week: Noemi Rausa, the general manager, Tracy Day, Accountant & shipping, and the senior merchandiser Roger, Julian Lu and Robin Zhou. My first task was to classify some catalogue concerning the commodities in sale from the various suppliers. The catalogue showed different kind of merchandise like electronic and home stuff that are the most popular commodities produced in China sold in Europe. The following day I had the possibility to learn a lot of things about the China-Wi online system and economy management. While I was studying a little bit the international economy and especially the Chinese one I noticed that is based on the capitalism society as well as in the rest of the world. In particular the mass production of the commodities is based on the Chinese factory.On Thursday I went in a glass factory with Julian to make a quality control in a glass factory that produced oil and vinegar cruet. The travel to reach the factory was five hours long and we could reach the factory only with Bus. In fact there was no interest in building a train station because there was only an industrial city. I had the possibility to experiment directly how the China products was made and why it was so cheaper;The working day passed very rapidly and my task was to upload in the new China-Wi server all the Julian’s and Robin’s 2012 quotations and orders. Conceptually my job was very simple and clear, I had to rewrite in the new format all the quotation sheet, where there was all the information about the goods, buyers and suppliers with which China-Wi had treated in that year.In the 2nd week on Thursday with Noemi and Julian I had the possibility to visit the Pet fear in 2010 Expo buildings to look for some goods to sell in Italy at 0.99 euro. There were a lot of stands showed pet food and commodities. This experience changed my economic idea about pet market in fact it’s bigger than I thought and especially I could not believe at some merchandise showed in the fear, or example there were stroller for dogs.To complete my relation I want to say thanks to Roger, Robin, Julian, Noemi and Tracy to help me in my job when I was on trouble. Thank you Roberto to allow me to have a so grateful and fantastic experience.
    Stefano Maldini
  • My name is Edoardo, I am 23 years old and I'm studying law at the university of Florence. My last year experience at China-Wi involved spending ten days in one of the most international and multicultural city, Shanghai. The time I had there was short because of my exams in Florence, but it was extremely intense. My determination to undertake this unique experience stemmed from my intention to add an International perspective to my studies while also acquiring deeper insight into a practical and businesslike area. I wanted to challenge myself and push my limits away, and I derived great satisfaction from it. As soon as I arrived the general manager gave me some informations about the basis of the society's activities, focusing on the tasks I should have carried out. The tasks to perform were quite easy, as my knowledge of economic discipline was not so technical and deep, but at the end of the journey I was able to write up an order. During this period I often asked for advices and suggestions to my colleagues, who were always very kind and helpful. Among all my colleagues only Noemi, the general manager, could speak Italian, while all the others were from China, between 20-30 years old, speaking English language slightly better than Italians like me who come from high-school with just some basis of general English. Despite that, there were not misunderstandings, but the awareness that becoming a well-rounded professional requires an international education also prompted me to seek proficiency in English, an interest that I am cultivating taking English classes. For this reason next September I am going to strengthen my English attending intensive classes abroad.In addition to the work at the office i took part in a great food exhibition.I think that this kind of experience is recommended not only to those who intend to work in the future in the field of trade, but also to people like me who does not have a clear idea of their future and intend to know more areas of work before choosing their.Shanghai, as well as China in general, deserves to be known by us guys no matter whatever you do or intends to do in life, given the many job opportunities that this country offers. And working at the China-Wi grants you a complete and educational overview.
    Edoardo Ormi
    stage 2014-2015